Q & A

1) Outsole Quality

High content of natural rubber that make the sole resistent, flexible and durable

2) What option of Cover are availables?


We have many collection with different patern, color and material for your selection. OEM/ODM services are accepted.

3) How do i know my size?

  • If you always have the same size (e.g. EU 40) in all your shoes, you’ll have the same size at Rutis.
  • If you sometimes use one size (e.g. EU 40) but in other cases you use a bigger size (e.g. EU 41) you should order the bigger one (EU 41).
  • If you are between two sizes (e.g. EU 40,5) we recommend you to order the bigger size (e.g. EU 41).
  • If you doubt and you have wide feet we recommend you to order your normal size.


4) Does Every Rutis Product Interchange In My Size?

All Rutis products are interchangeable in the same size

Rutis let users to purchase not only in pairs but also in ‘parts’ of the shoes,allowing users to reduce the cost of repurchase while extending the lifespan of the footwear by change only the "part" damaged.

5) How to assembly the shoes?